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Solar Flexi Portable Charger || IFITech SLUSB6-208 (Black)

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Light weight, semi flexible 6w carry along panel with 1 usb output, works for both cellphones as well as for tablets. Quick charging current and charge all types of devices through sun.
Innovative designed, with no glass or aluminum casing. Versatile 6w very light solar panel. Great for outdoor using. •
Compatible with most kinds of 5V USB-charged devices. Stylish, compact and lightweight design fits perfectly into any bag, easy to carry on the go. ( 2 hole to hook or stick it to window using rubber suction cups).
Lightweight, super thin and tough for harshest all weather environment. Flexi Solar cells and microchips, high quality and long lifespan > 20 years. More than 10000 charge cycles during the course of its life.
High-efficiency Crystalline cell for maximum power output. Rain, shock, drop proof – Great companion for hiking, camping, traveling, and flights. With 2 grommet finished holes for for easy fixing
Buy only from IFITech or IFIHomes for quality and genuine product, stay away from duplicates and imitations

Most Important information

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1 Year warranty when purchased form ONLY IFIHOMES Beware of FAKE SELLERS Technical Assistance Timings : Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sundays 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Toll Free number - 9721048833

Product Specification :

Unlimited Power Source Simply unfold under the sunlight and make full use of the clean and unlimited solar power to charge your smartphone, tablet, or any other USB powered devices.Featuring Smart charging ports, you can charge any USB devices at once. Travel Ready thin ~ 1mm design occupies as little space much as a greeting card.The evenly placed mesh texture enables easy attachment to your backpack, tent, or trees. With both water and mould resistant features, it's ideal for camping, hiking, or travelling.Charge Smarter Both the outputs are the same, IFI Technology automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device, USB output current is 2A Max.

Info From the manufacturer

Product Information

IFITech Flexi Solar Charger -- Great Outdoor Companion

Solar panel: 6 watts

Solar panel efficiency: 24%

Output port: 1 USB Output port

Output power: DC 5V (Compatible with all USB powered devices including tablets and all types of cell phones)

Output current: 2A (MAX)

Input: Sun Light

Battery: (No battery)

Material: ABS

Faster and safer charging

With our advanced technology simply install under the sunlight and make full use of the clean and unlimited solar power to charge your smartphone or any other USB powered devices.

Single USB Port-Wide Compatibility with both 5V/1A (for cellphones) and 5V/2A (for tablets).


Compact size (26 x 16 x 0.5 cm) enables to carry it on outdoor activities, you can hang to easily, Perfect product for outdoor.